Loop by Mozzic was created for one reason, to enrich and ease the lives of consumers. Designers at Mozzic saw something in the way people interacted with their iPad on planes, in trains, and automobiles.... and kitchens, and homes.

iPads are such a dynamic powerful tool that millions of people use, but the case that protects your iPad must be dynamic as well. Loop was created when the designers at Mozzic realized the case for your iPad should be as dynamic as your iPad. Most cases just protect and have some capability to stand, but why is standing the only importance? 

Some places where Loop can better consumer's lives: 

  • Hang your iPad on the back of an airplane seat, and leave your tray table open for work and dining allows for flexibility.
  • Once you find  that awesome recipe on your iPad hang it on your cabinet, or wall so it is up off your cooking workspace, but still viewable.
  • Loop allows flexibility to adjust your viewing angle why having your iPad hang from the back of a car seat while you watch a movie.