Ideation by way of Sketching




 ideation; plural noun: ideations

  1. the formation of ideas or concepts.


Every idea comes from somewhere, and at its conception communicated in some way, shape, or form. Designers use a very specific language to communicate ideas. Sketching is a language that spans across all countries, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It is something that every human can see, relate to, and communicate with. We rely on sketching and drawing heavily. 

So when the idea for Loop surfaced, the first way to communicate the idea as well as analyze the idea was a sketch. Sketching allows for a free flowing thought process that gave us the ability to visually explain, describe function, form, and use cases. These explorations and rationalizations allowed for us to extensively study the concept and its validity. Below you can see some of the sketches of Loop, most of these sketches are visually communicating use cases and scenarios for how a consumer will interact with Loop by Mozzic. 


Scanned-image-4-0 (1).1.jpg
Scanned-image-5-0 (1).jpg
Scanned-image-6-0 (1).jpg
Scanned-image-12-0 (1).jpg